DISHA- For Commercial Sex workers

Most of the commercial sex workers belong to the poor families & are illiterates. Their journey into sex work is circumstantial - sold by people who lured them with false promises, migrated into bigger cities with the hope of making into the cinema world, to earn money and so on.

This project is based on the premise of providing facilities to the CSWs which they did not have access to, earlier. Through Disha - the importance of a personal hygiene, motivation to adopt safe sex practices like right method to use the condom & facilitating the process of empowerment – helping the CSWs in forming a self help group which is deep rooted in the philosophy of mainstreaming these women in the course of time. This project was born in June 2002.

A glimpse of various activities in Disha


Vijay Krida Mandal, Sai Hill, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 78. India. Phone No : 022- 2595 9812